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About Us

  • 15

    15-year industry experience

  • 32

    Serving 32 countries and regions

  • 270

    The fleet size includes nearly 270 aircraft

  • 432

    The fleet size of ships includes 432 ships of various types

  • 3500

    The scale of assets is nearly RMB 350 billion

One of the first five financial leasing companies from the banking sector approved by the State Council

The Company is fully engaged in the aviation and shipping leasing business, following the professionalization and internationalization strategy in terms of operation and development. The proportion of aviation and shipping leasing assets and foreign currency leasing assets is nearly 60%. The merchant marine fleet size ranks first among domestic leasing companies and the aircraft fleet assets rank 11th in the world

Adhering to the development philosophy of "innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing", the Company actively fulfills the responsibilities of state-owned financial enterprises, practically serves the real economy and fully contributes the new development pattern based on the domestic circulation and with domestic and international circulation promoting each other.